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In our FREE VIDEOS, you'll learn:

  • How Clothes-On, No-Oil brings a clinical focus to your practice.

  • How the Side-Lying Position provides a more effective treatment, that’s also easier on your body to deliver.

  • How adopting Clinical Protocols and Terminology allows you to better communicate with physicians and insurance carriers.

  • How to lengthen your career and give a superior massage using No Thumbs.

  • How to protect your back and shoulders with “Less Push, More Pull” techniques.

David Morin

“Since 2001 I’ve taught Medical Massage Therapy to professionals seeking to enhance and extend their careers and adopt a more clinical approach to treating specific musculoskeletal injuries and conditions.

If your goal is to deliver the most effective therapeutic treatments to get your clients out of pain and back in their game, I know you’ll want to view these three new, free videos I just made for you.” 

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