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Do you want better client results, earning more while protecting
 your thumbs, back and shoulders?

In this MASTERCLASS, you'll learn :

  • Relevant anatomy, medical terminology, clinical protocols, documentation, orthopedic assessment tests, remedial exercises and hydrotherapy, with indications and contraindications for massage and/or referral.

  • Clinically-studied techniques including: Basic Swedish (emphasis on friction and gliding) to manage hypertonicity, Trigger Point to eliminate referred pain, Muscle Energy for muscle tone and spasms, Myofascial for fascial restrictions and Osteopathic Oscillation for relaxation of articular tension.

  • Our clothes-on, no oil, side-lying, seated-therapist approach gives better access to discrete muscles using career-extending, ergonomic, alternative techniques and tools that replace standing, “Thumb Work” and repetitive pushing.

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